Newbie needs help copying home movies/1 with error

Hello & thanks for looking at my question:
I have some home movies of my baby that I want to edit and personalize a bit and send out to family (was supposed to be an x-mas present, ha!). I’m a fairly literate PC user in general but this little project is way out of my excel comfort zone - I’m struggling and don’t know where to turn to, so ANY direction I can be given is highly appreciated! I apologize if I give any irrelevant information as I don’t know exactly what is important and what is not, nor do I know if my terminology is even correct!
The movies are on DVD-R 1.4gb mini discs and are finalized, the camera uses a .vob/.ifo/.bup format.
I have PowerDirector 7 DE which came pre-installed on my laptop, along with a few other standard burning programs. From trial and error I have found that I have to convert from .vob to .mpeg2 - my PD version does not support .vob & using avi or mpeg yields audio synch errors. I downloaded Any Video Converter after doing some researching on cnet, which seems to work fine for a DVD with no errors.
I’ve tried to use the PD capture function directly from the dvd and the video comes through but apparently my version does not support Dolby Digital Audio so there was absolutely no audio. It seems every time I think I’m getting the hang of this or making progress I run into a brick wall. I have a DVD that I can play most scenes from but I can’t copy to my hard drive because there are errors on it and when I play it directly there are a few scenes that freeze up and I have to restart the program, but for the most part 90% of the video is fine.
After the 5th attempt or so I was able to get the conversion from .vob to mpeg2 to finish by trying to convert directly from the optical drive to the HD but after opening I realized that 8 of 14 different scenes were missing from the converted version, even though most of them play just fine.
So, as of now I’m limited to just playing this DVD and stopping the scenes before they freeze - I don’t know if I have the capability to copy it on my HD and cut out the bad areas on the DVD?
Also - I took the DVD to my local video store and had them run it through their cleaning machine with no luck.
In an ideal world I could cut the errors out and move on to cutting my teeth on all of the other things beyond the capture point that I need to figure out. Can anyone point me in the right direction - a program that will skip the errors and let me move on beyond this point? Any help is greatly appreciated!

If your dvd drive in your computer can read the mini discs, you should be able to simply copy and paste them onto the hard drive. You should have each dvd-video as a Video_TS folder containing the .ifo, .bup and .vob files.

Once there you can use Vob2Mpg to remove the mpeg2 video out of the .vob files, combine them and give you an .mpeg file. Vob2Mpg is free to download and use. It will not degrade the quality of the video.

There are a couple of odd sounding commercial products that can edit mpeg2 fairly well. They are VideoReDo TV Suite and Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD. Neither are free, but both have fully functional trials to download and use for a few weeks (not sure of the exact time period on the trials).

VideoRedo is set up for tv captures, but will work well for this home made video also.
It can import straight from dvds, so you might not need Vob2Mpg.

I have both, but tend to use VideoRedo rather than Womble. Here is the link for Womble: Womble has a lot more versatility on editing functions, especially for transitions from scene to scene.

Thanks for the reply but I can’t copy/paste them to the HD - stops 1/3 of the way in and says a file can’t be found - I believe it’s the error when I’m playing the video back and causes the “freeze-up”.

That is a problem…you have to be able to get them on the hard drive intact before you can begin to edit them.

Have you tried something like ISOBuster to extract the video from the disks to the hard drive? The free version may not be able to work with dvd-video though, and there isn’t a completely free program that is as good. The paid version will work with dvd video. I’d try the free version first and see if it can find all the files.

Another thing I might try is DVDDecrypter. I know that your dvds are not encrypted, but Decrypter is the most robust reading program I know of for dvd video, and it can be set to attempt to read bad sectors repeatedly before finally giving up. You can download it here:

If you just want to work with what you have already recovered from the disks, you should use one of the two programs I suggested in my first reply. I think I’d start with the Womble program if you want to do extensive cuts/transitions.

Even though your videos aren’t encrypted, sometimes a decrypting program like DVD Decrypter can help because you can set them up to retry or even ignore ‘read’ errors.

This has worked with ISOBuster free for me on a non encrypted DVD +R.
Select Session 1 with a right click
Next Extract Session 1 <Content>
Next Extract User Data (*.tao, *.iso, *.wav)
This will give you an .iso file of the disc.
There are many programs that will work with an .iso.

ok - I downloaded ISO Buster (free) & now have .iso files on my HD. There were unreadable sectors & I just instructed it to ignore the errors. Now, I dont know what to do with these iso files - they wont open with anything I have on my pc.
Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!

Download VirtualClone Drive, found here: It is free to use.

This will put a “virtual” cd/dvd drive on your machine, where you can mount the ISO file and see the contents, and work with them. You’ll find a new drive listed in My Computer. Right click on it and you will get a list of options, one of which will say VirtualClone Drive. Go to it, then Mount. That will let you navigate to where you have the ISO file.