Newbie needs help converting files

Okay, i’ll just cut to the point. I need to convert .wmv to .iso files, but don’t know how. I NEED them in .iso files. i would use Super, but it doesn’t offer to convert files to .iso files. Is there any free converters for this kind of job? I do not need something that can burn them onto a DVD, i simply just need to convert a video file to an .iso file and keep it on my computer.

Help is GREATLY appreciated! :iagree:


Hi and Welcome!

to put your wmv files into an ISO disc image, just use the free Imgburn. :wink:


thanks! Now, i have an even more stupid question. When i go to the link…where to i go to download it?

Download here:

Please read the guides on also.
For your task, you need to run Imgburn in Build Mode and save the results as .ISO image.


thanks again. I think i got it!