Newbie needs help burning data dvd

i have a very confusing problem. i just bought a sony dw-q120a Dvd writer. now, when i try to burn ordinary data(files and folders) on dvd+r media, it can only use 4.7gb. but when i try to burn a dvd movie, it can use upto 8.5 Gb. i’m using Nero . why can’t i always burn 8.5 Gb. what is the problem? can anyone help? thanks in advance.

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8.5 GB can be burned only in dual layer discs.

Probably you need to check nero preferences. The pic I posted is rferred to nero 6, but probably there is a similar option in nero 7.

Setting as automatic should solve your problem

first of all, thanks for ur reply.

8.5 GB can be burned only in dual layer discs.

i think that the media i’m using are dual layer. like i said before, when i try to burn video, it behaves like a 8.5 gb dvd.
i tried your solution, but there was no option for it.
anwyas, thanks for ur help.

Probably this option is already set as automatic, so when you insert a DL disc it shows a scale of 8 gb, but when you insert a single layer disc scale change automatically to 4 gb.

Try to do a test and see if there are differences using a DL and a single layer disc.

DVD+R is still SL, not DL.
Use the nero disc info.

thanks a lot for ur help, guys. my problem seems to be sloved.