Newbie needs assistance

Hi, My boss decided he wanted a DVD re-writer put in his computer so he has purchased a Sony DW-Q30A - He wants me to put the dam thing in the puter (no probs so far) BUT do i need any software for it ? When I got my CD-RW drive it came with NERO - this did not come with anything.

You are all probably laughing at me BUT if you don’t ask…

regards with hope :confused:


There are some free burning apps out there but in the end he probably needs to buy Nero or something. Guess it depends what he is going to do. :slight_smile:

ok, thanks for the quick reply - will get him NERO

Ta very much


look here also

Nero Vision Express is a good place to start

Soooooo grateful - you guys are great


Thats what we like people to think :bigsmile: