Newbie needs advice

I’m pretty overwhelmed by all this DVD stuff, and now I’m frustrated. I live in the USA, have a LVW 1105HC connected to Direct TV Tivo. I do OK with taping movies, etc and then re-playing them to get them on a DVD. Problem is when I want to take them to another location (has a Cyberhome DVD player that is supposed to be able to play all the + and -) they won’t play. All these discs have been finalized. I’m wondering if I should just replace the Cyberhome player with a Lite On. If so, which model do you recommend. Anything else you need to advise, please do so as this is pretty frustrating and I’m no tech person. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Welcome to the forum,
The most compatible player is certainly another 1105HC. The alternative is to bring your recorded disc to a place that will let you try it out on their player. I know Fry’s usually has them set up that way and probably Best Buy as well. I am surprised the Cyberhome won’t play your recorded discs, but given the price of DVD players now a days, it doesn’t hurt to shop for a compatible model.

It is possible that the read problem is due to the brand of media you have chosen. Not all media is readable on all players. Try another brand of dvd.