Newbie Needs Advice on Burner

I’ve decided to get me a CD-RW + DVD Combo for my PC. Can anyone recommend any good websites where I can search for one. I’ve never had a burner, so could you also tell me what brands I should stay away from. I don’t want to buy a piece of junk that will stop working within a year.

                                                         Thanks ... Tim

20x write, 10x rewrite, 40x read and 12x DVD read.
And EXCELLENT quality :slight_smile:

Although I must add that a CDRW-DVD combo isn’t the ideal setup. Using the same device for reading and writing affects the lifetime on the laserheads. And you won’t be able to make direct copies (cd -> cd); you’ll always need to make an image to hard disc.

Therefor, it’s better to get two separate devices. eg a DVD/CD reader and a CDRW.
DVD/CD: The pioneer 16x/40x is pretty good.
CDRW: one of the plextors; 40/12/40 :smiley:

Atleast, that’s my advice :wink:

Thank you for your reply Wannes, you are the second person to suggest that burner, and other people have also suggested Plextor burners. I prefer the burner from your site, It has the Nero software and is available with a black bezel. The problem is that I am in the US ( California ) will I be able to purchase that burner?.
This is the US link.

Thanks for the info about using the same device for reading and writing, the affect it has on the lifetime on the laserheads. I don’t expect to use the DVD player that often, I may watch two or three movies a month, at the most. Will that have a big effect on it?

Toshiba combo’s seem to be good also…they can copy the new safedisk i heard