Newbie needing advice re: DVD stuff



:confused: Seriously considering starting home business & want to be able to do the following:

– transfer home movies from 8mm, VHS, SVHS to DVD
– transfer photos to DVD (photo album)
– have the ability to put both video & photos onto same DVD (if this is possible)
– be able to add audio (music & voice-over)
– be able to add menus, chapters & subtitles
– do back-up copies

What equipment do I need… I believe I need a DVD writer & capture card + software. Is this right? Anything else? Any suggestions?

Obviously still green at this as I am not fluent in the lingo, but very interested in learning. Much thanks in advance!


Capturing video is not as easy as it sounds. To do it right takes some highend hardware and a substantial amount of time. I use a BT 878 based card and a RAID0 array to capture to. If you’re going to do this as a buisness, I would recommend looking at the Canopus ADVC100 (or something higher end even) that will capture real time to DV and dump to the computer via firewire. The main problem with any video capture is audio/video synch issues. Even with my setup, I do not drop frames , but will get audio drift after about 20 min of capture. The Canopus locks the audio and video streams together.

As far as DVD software, I would suggest looking at TMPGEnc DVD Author (very easy to use) or DVD Lab to author to DVD.


You will need a motherboard that can hold two latest Pentium 4 CPUs so you can do MPEG2 compression in a reasonable time for business. At times something goes wrong, you don’t want to wait another 20 hours to encode a DVD. You want it faster.

Lots of money for hardware. Scanning pics takes a long time too. You might need some high end scanner with a belt for automation.

Lots of money for software. It doesn’t come cheap too.

Lots of money for constant upgrades.

Some time to learn ins and outs of software and your abilities.

I forsee at least $10,000 in spending.:eek: