Newbie need some help with DVDfab

First timer here in backing up my DVD collection.

I am using DVD Fab on a friends recommendation and I have done the following.

I have copied the DVD to my HD in the full movie mode, and then I was going to do the movie only…seeing what the cost is in blank media before proceeding.

Anyway, after I have it on the HD, can I use DVD Fab to burn it to a blank disc? I see the option for write data, but every time I try this and pick the folder the movie is in for the source material, it never “fills” in the blank. I have the destination as my DVD burner.

I have tried to use Nero Expressions…but it appears too lite to get the job, prompting me to upgrade.

I have Sonic on my HP media pc…but again no luck as it locks up.

Any help is recommended.

Any thread with step by step instructions for tackling these issues?


Buy DVD Fab Platnium Version 3. It does it all, plus some, easy to use also.

Hi NwChicago and welcome to cdfreaks,

Could you tell us, specifically, what fab application and version you’re using?
The more info we have, the easier this will be to sort out.

I’ve never been a fan of sonic, a division of roxio.
Just an FYI, Roxio is notorious for causing conflicts with other burning software.

Once again, I’m typing (trying anyway… :bigsmile: ) as alan has posted. This getting old thing is very sad… :eek:

NwChicago, when you go to the folder on the hard drive, select the video_ts folder under the main folder as the source. If you select just the root folder, it doesn’t seem to work.

I hear ya maineman, I am older than you and my typing skills diminish with my age.:doh: