[Newbie] need some help with a simple VC++ (6) CD burning code



I have a series of files in a certain directory (lets call this c:\x)
can anyone provide me with a few simple lines of code(using the neroSDK) to copy all the files that are in this directory to a writeable CD? (CD-R)
i dont want to do anything fancy, just write these files in the background.( I am sure several of you must have done this and may seem like peanuts to you).

this process is fully automated and will be awoken by a timer after which it iwll proceed to write all the files in that c:\x directory to a CD-R.
there wont be any gui or ui at all and it is all a background process
if someone could provide me with a few simple lines of code as to how to do this i would be eternally greatful

this is a very small part of a large enterprise project i am working on, and i really dont have the time to learn the entire NERO SDK.
I have searched through the forum and find only discussion on how to do very complicated things, i am sure that what i ask for is pretty simple, but due to time constraints i am severely handicapped in this regard

thanks for reading my thread and any help in the form of code that you could offer


Take a look at the samples, namely the NeroAPITest.cpp and neroFiddlesDlg.cpp. It may include all code that you need.


the samples are way to complex for what i want to do i think
and its for audio
i only want a simple procedure with a few lines of code
i am sure many people have done this
if someone could post their code i would be much obliged


If you want to burn a data CD, you must burn an ISO/“Audio” CD. That’s just standard. I suggest you to try the example (NeroFiddles) at least once and see for yourself.