Newbie, Need Help

Hardware: AverMedia DVB-S PCI card

Software: Included AverMedia Software

Current Status: Having maunally typed in the Freq, SymbolRate and polarization (from, I have only got channels from ABS-CBN (12575Mhz, SR=13845) working. I won’t be watching this channel and would like help on receiving other channels.

Other Info: I currently have a sunsciption service which runs off the “PAS 8 at 166.0°E” satellite. My dish is 65cm in diameter (see attached pic). I disconnected the cable from the dish to the subscription unit to my computer’s DVB-S card.

Help Please: I would like to know whether my dish can only receive signals from the PAS 8 Satellite (as it is a small dish) and how to receive other channels on PAS 8 and/or other satellites. :bow:

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I like your avatar, man! :cool:

Going by the transponder footprints on PAS 8, the only running transponders you can pick up are 12575H and 12686H. The other transponders have their footprints covering North-East Asia only or have no broadcasts running.

The channels running on transponder 12686H are encrypted using Irdeto version 2 encryption, which can only be decoded with a receiver with an Irdeto 2 or multi decryption CAM along with your viewing card. Unfortunately, the AverMedia DVB-S card does not have a CAM slot, thus leaving you with transponder 12575H only. :confused:

I am not sure what satellites broadcast over Australia, but did not come across any others after a quick look at the satellites on Lyngsat.