Newbie need help with yamaha CRW2200

Hi, I am new on this site but need some help and don’t see a Yamaha forum. I have upgraded my Yamaha CRW2200 firmware from 1.0c to 1.0e however my PC no longer recognizes my burner. I always get a windows message saying D:\is not accessable drive is not ready. When I look up my burner under system\devices it shows my Yamaha CRW2200 as “CD-rom drive” not Yamaha CRW2200 as it used to be after it was first installed. I’m thinking that i might have corrupted a driver file or something when I was uninstalling Nero or something like that. Any suggestions to what I might do?? Thanks for any/all comments. Cheers, Tucats

are you thinking the flashing caused this ? was the cdrw ok at any stage after flashing ? anyway, try this:

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit and click OK.
  2. Browse to the following location:


  1. Right-click and delete both the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters registry values. If it only has either the Upperfilters or Lowerfilters value, delete just the one then.
  2. Close the registry editor and restart the machine

Hi Ghosters, I don’t know what you mean by flashing. I’ve mooned before, but never flashed. lol / Anyhow, I tried what you directed and on my PC but I cannot find {4d36e965-etc-etc}. My “Device Class” has the following that begin with 4: {4747b320-etc} {4afa3d53-etc} {4d1e55b2-etc} and {4efe2452-etc} all of these appear under …SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Device Class\ {4… } and to the right a screen shows “Default - no value set”. I am using Windows 98se. Any other suggestions??

flashing your drive = “I have upgraded my Yamaha CRW2200 firmware”…so, was the cdrw ok/working/recognised at any stage after flashing ?

also, there are a few 2200 models, did you upgrade using correct file ? see @

Ghosters, The Yamaha model is CRW2200E. I did not use the drive for a long time and when I wanted to use it to save some family photo’s I discovered it would not burn my pics. So, I went to the Nero website and downloaded the latest version of Nero. No luck with that change. So, I then went to the Yamaha website and “flashed” my drive as per their instructions. I went from version 1.0c to 1.0e firmware. All indications said that the flash worked. At first, the drive acted sort of erratic, when I put in a music CD it would not recognise anything was in the drive. After a few attempts it would start and play the CD. Now it just does nothing. There is power, cause when I close the door the green light blinks for awhile then goes solid orange after about 20 seconds of blinking. The part that puzzels me is that the drive shows up as (CD-rom Drive) in the System\Device Manager. The firmware is shown as 1.0e in properties which seems correct. My other CD-rom drive is a Creative CD5233E and it shows up correctly in Device Manager. Both drives are on the same IDE cable (secondary), the Yamaha is set as slave and the Creative is set as master. The Creative drive works fine. The drivers for both are Microsoft 4-23-1999. I think that maybe if I could get my PC to recognise my burner as a Yamaha CRW2200e and not (CD-rom drive) it may work. Do you suppose if I remove the burner and take it down to the local computer repair shop they could test it for me on their bench?? At least that way I can confirm weather it’s a software or hardware problem.

hmm, it’s begining to sound as if the drive is on it’s last legs. you could try it in another PC if you have one handy, or maybe even swap the master/slave arrangemant around and see if it helps. doubt it will though.

Ok, I’ll try puting it into another PC and see if it works there. I just can’t believe it’s toast. I thought Yamaha was a quality drive, it sure cost a lot more than most others at the time of purchase. Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated. Tucats

Ok, I solved this problem with the help of :bow: Ghosters. Thanks! I just had to come to grips with the fact that my “hardly ever used and expensive” Yamaha CRW2200e burner was toast. Once I admitted that, I called 2 small PC repair shops for a price to bench test the Yamaha. 1st estimate $45 CAD, 2nd estimate was $40 but they suggested that I could purchase a new Lite-On CD-RW model SOHR-5238S 52x32x52 for just $35.00 CAD. I thought the guy was crazy cause my Yammy cost over $250 only 2 years ago. $35.00 CAD, like that’s $27 USD and about $38 AUS, that’s cheaper than an hours labour to bench test my Yammy. So we’ve become a throw away world! Well, I’ve got one “bookend” to go with my “coasters”…now where am I going to find another. Oh god; I may just have wished my HD to crap out. :eek: My Lite-On is installed, it works and even came with Nero Express software for $35.00, I can’t believe this. Thanks again Ghoster for your troubles. Later, Tucats, Nova Scotia Canada

glad to here it :slight_smile: