Newbie need help with Binflash

I have spent a lot of time reading here, but I’m still very confused as of how to use the Binflash application to back up my current firmware before flash the new firmware.

I have down load the Binflash zip file, it has the necflash.exe file. I think this is the procedure, but I’m not sure.

  1. I need to extract the “necflash.exe” file to my C drive and in ms dos change the directory to C:\ then type necflash.exe and wait for the menu to come up and go from there.
  2. Or in MS dos, type in command: C:>necflash -dump C:\OldFirmware.bin X.X.X?

Please let me know which of the method above is the right way to do.

Thank you for your help.

There’s a detailed explanation on how to flash your NEC DVD Burners and one page deals in particular with the Binflash commandline versions

Thank liggy,

I have an other dumb question. There are two versions of binflash for Win operating system. One is Win32 and the other is Win32 GUI. What is the different between the two version. I think the Win32 is the DOS version and the Win32GUI is the window version. Am I corrected?

Thanks again

Both are Windows versions; the Win32GUI is Binflash with a graphical user interface for Windows, the other the commandline version of Binflash that operates in a DOS-like commandprompt in Windows. If you would like to flash from a real DOS-modus, you need a DOS bootdisk with a DOS ASPI-driver and the DOS32-version of Binflash.

I finally understand it now, thank you so much for your help. For some reason, I alway thought that Command Prompt is dos because it looks just like dos. I think I’m ready to back up the orginial firmware and flash a new LD firmware tonight.

Thanks again for your help