Newbie: need DVD + help

hey everyone,

i just recently ripped a dvd onto my friend’s PC using dvd shrink and then attemtped to burn using NERO 6. However, i’m unable to play the dvd on my apple powerbook (it automcatically ejects the dvd). Can someone explain what i should do differently to make this work out?

I had the same problem. It would be wise to invest in some DVD+RW’s to test while you are learning.

Nero wouldn’t work for me so instead I do this:

  1. Reauthor and Backup using DVD Shrink
  2. Creat the image using ImgTool
  3. Burn using DVD Decryptor

This is main movie only.

Guides are on

Depending on how old your powerbook is it may simply not reckognize the +R media. I had the same problem on my Macintosh G4 AGP. It would not sense +R or -R media.

Here is how I fixed it. I purchased +R media and then used a bit-setting tool to make the book-type dvd-rom instead or dvd+r.

The DVDs now play like champs in my Mac.

Oh, you use an apple. I have no idea if these programs work on an apple computer. I use a home assembled IBM compatable.

Yeah, I too use a PC to do all the burning.

I was commenting on Sheenster’s comment of +R media not playing on his apple powerbook. It may have nothing to do with the burn quality. If that disc plays on stand alones and on other PCs, I bet he has an older powerbook.

Yea, my problem was with the Nero program not making the image and burning it correctly. My disc wouldn’t play in a DVD play or a computer.