Newbie: need advice on dvd backup x3 and printing

We would like to write our own application to make 1 master and x3 copies of our data on DVD and, importantly, print some unique text & graphics on each dvd including a bar code.

We program in 2005 and MS Access VBA.

In our searches to date we can see a solution with separate triplicator and printer, but it would be beneficial to use an intergrated solution.

We have found a Microboards GX which has an sdk and we can see that Nero have an sdk.

We would like a simple solution, any advice appreciated. thanks.

For smallish runs (<100 discs) and inkjet printing, my recommendation would be to look at the reviews of Primera and Microboards products, and choose from between those two. They tend to be a single product that burns and prints.

RImage also produces hardware for smaller runs, but it tends to be pricey as they combine their autoloaders with separate printers into a single unit. In this arena of <200 disc units, I’d look into Amtren and/or Discmakers.

For larger runs, or for thermal printer support, you want to look into MF-Digital, Mediatechnics, ADR and the other 300+ disc loader/printer solutions.


Thanks For your help, I think our solution is to use to either the Primera Bravo or Microboards GX; software support may be a key factor

One warning: from a recent email discussion, I learned that barcodes printed on inkjet printers tend not to work well (or at all - might depend on the sensors involved).

Those printed on laser printers work better (but that’s not available for discs).

Thermal printing might also work better (but is a very expensive option).

I’d suggest talking with the various manufacturer support about the barcode issue before buying a print device, if the barcode support is required.