Newbie nec2500a issues

Hello all, I have read good things about the Nec, so I got it to replace my Liteon 411s. I have a few questions.

  1. Ripping speed is 2.1x (beginning of rip) to 4.1x towards the end of rip. Now is this normal for the Nec 2500a? I have read some complaints here of same issue and people recommending the rip unlock firmware. I do have DMA enabled. I am using the 40 pinn IDE cable though. Should this have anything to do with it? I used the same 40 pinn IDE cable with LIteon 411s and it ripped at close to 12x speed.

  2. I will be burning primarily +r media. I understand that Ritek may cause problems for nec 2500a. Now, if I only plan on using Ricohjpn 02 or CMC +R media, is using CopyToDVD or DVDdecrypter OK? I have read that RecordNow is the software to use but I would rather not spend money on new software if I can avoid it.

  3. If the slow ripping speed is indeed the norm for Nec 2500a, I would get a seperate DVD-rom just for ripping. Any recommendation for one that is fast and good reader to be paired with NEC 2500a?


  1. this is the intended rip speed, get an unlocked firmware to increase it to 8X max.
    2)There is no known relationship between your choice of media and the software you also use. Use whatever software you like.
    3)Any LiteOn DVD ROM will make a fine reader, but the 166 is regarded as the best.

thank you! rdgrimes

Now, when I get the DVD-rom for ripping purpose, should I install it as slave on the IDE channel which has Nec 2500a as master? or on the IDE channel that has my hard drive as master?

I read in this forum that I should not keep any other drive on the IDE channel which has the DVD burner. But if I have the DVD rom as slave to my Hard Drive, wouldn’t that affect ripping speed/quality?

You can put both optical drives on the same channel, there shoulddn’t be any problem but it depends on your own motherboard and controller drivers. If you want to be able to burn one disc while you are ripping another one, they will need to be on separate channels.