Newbie Multisession - Video/data question

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to create a DVD that contains both video and data?

For example I would like to play the DVD in a Home DVD player then also be able to access PDF files etc. from a PC. What I am actually doing is creating a video that includes printable reference material.

I tried doing this in Nero but it will not allow me to add VIDEO_TS files and data files on the same disc. It will allow me to create a new folder when creating a Video disc but it will not allow anything but .vob, .ifo or .bup files to be added to it.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.



Thats strange. I have been able to create such a disc in Nero Is this the version you are running? I didn’t acutally burn the disc but Nero did let me create it. I just created a DVD-VIDEO disc then highlighted the “New” on the disc structure and created a new folder. I switched into that folder and copied a few PDFs, Docs and EXE files with no problems. Then I went to the Video_TS directory and copied over a VOB. No problem.

Some commercial discs contain games and other none video information. For example on the Day after tomorrow the root dir has an autorun and a launch.bat file and the disc has a folder called DVDROM with setup.exe, html, swf and icon images and other files and sub folders.
As robo100 says Nero will let you write those with no problems but you can’t put those in the video_ts folder.

Hi Robo100,

Maybe it’s just the version I am using. I am using the Nero NetSmart 6, the OEM version that came with my DVD Burner. I looked on Nero’s website and didn’t find anything about creating a Video/Data Disc.

Ok you are running version 6 so it should be fine. I think its a good idea to update to the latest version of Nero 6 which is currently, it’s a free update…

Nero 6 Update

After the update try this:

1.) Start Nero. When the compliation window pops up pull down the combo box at the top of the screen and select DVD. Then click on the DVD-VIDEO icon and click the new button.

2.) Click on the DVD Root directory which is named “New”. Right click the mouse button and select create new folder.

3.) Name the new folder whatever you want.

4.) Drag and drop files into the new folder. These can be any type including PDF, COM, EXE, WAV, DOC, XLS ect…

5.) For the video drag all your files (BUP, VOB, VTS) into the Video_TS directory.

Thats it. When you are ready just burn the disc as normal.

Thanks for the reply.
I ran the update so I now have However I am still having the same issue, but this time it won’t even let me create a new folder like I could before (I right click to create new folder and nothing happens) and before it created a VIDEO_TS folder in the root directory and now it just puts all the .vob files in the root directory without the VIDEO_TS folder.

Maybe it’s because I have an OEM version?



I have no idea about the OEM version. If you want you could save the compliation and I could try pulling in the compilation and see if I can create a seperate folder. This would tell us if the OEM version is creating a special file that has limitations. You could also try getting a demo version of nero and create the disc that way. I don’t know it just works for me… :frowning:

I don’t really think the OEM version is a problem since you could upgrade to the latest version.

Thanks for the help robo100, I ended downloading the Nero 7 demo, same thing happens, when I go to create DVD-Video it will not let me create new folder etc. and the VIDEO_TS folder was not there.

After playing around with it for awhile I tried the Nero Burning ROM Tool that came with NERO 7 and that works great I can add Video_TS files and PDFs, Flash.exe etc.

I was wondering does nero have a video compression tool? After adding my Video files and PDFs etc. it came to 7GB and wouldn’t let me do it. HaHaHa. I normally use CLONE DVD by Elaborates Bytes and that works awesome but CLONEDVD does not allow me to add other files like NERO Burning ROM does. I could always get a DL DVD Disc I suppose.

Thanks again for the help guys/gals.