Newbie - Mking the most out of a dual layer dvd burner?



i’ve got a dual layer dvd burner but don’t know how to get the most out of it. could someone pls explain the benefits compared to a single layer burner.



The difference is that your burner can write to dual-layer discs and a single layer burner can not. Period. That’s it.

The problem is that dual layer discs are hovering around $10 USD for a single disc right now- about 20x the cost of a moderately priced single layer disc. So for data, dual layer is a waste right now. OTOH, if you want to make a 1:1 copy of a DVD-Video disc larger than 4.7 GB, using a dual layer disc is the only option.

Plenty more info available through the search.


Even then that is still a rediculous option as most factory pressed movies can be had for $20 or less. If you buy used then there is virtually no difference at all and if the movies are a bit older. . .they might actually be cheaper to buy than a D/L disc. All it takes is one coaster and you negate any possible savings. IMHO the few videogames that are D/L (console) would be the only application that might be worth it but the results there seem to be hit and miss.


Plus don’t forget that you can now backup more than 8 gig of data from your harddisc onto a single disc.


Thanks for all your help.


that expensive in the US? it costs like $11-$13 in australia (depending where u buy them), although that is still expensive