Newbie menue help please?

hello people i need some series help … so i dont no if this is allowed in this fourm,… but when i get coughcough* a movie or tv show … when ever i burn it coughcough*… i was wondering how you would get the origional menue on the dvd where it shows… extras… and the intros and stuff… when i do it i use dvd shrink and i jsut get a blue screen that says play all some one please help me

No need for coughing. We can talk about movies that you own that you want to back up to a blank dvd. We can also talk about tv shows that you record and want to save to disk.

What we cannot talk about are tv shows or movies that are copyrighted that you have downloaded without paying for.

So, assuming you are starting from your original dvd, you can make a complete copy of the dvd, including menus, using Shrink. The main problem going from a commercial dvd is breaking encryption, and Shrink hasn’t been updated for a very long time now. So you should get DVDFab HD Decrypter to break encryption and rip to the hard drive. The decryption section and ripper are free to use, though you’ll be using up the trial period for the main section of DVDFab as you use the free part.

Once you have the entire movie on the hard drive in file form, you can open them with DVDShrink. You should read some of the guides for using Shrink at or

lol well thats the problem see… i can get the moives menue to come up when i own the moive… but when all of a sudden i somehow get this random moive that i have no idea how it got there… i have trouble getting the origonal menue … lol

Mystery movie menus we can’t help with…:slight_smile:

Sorry about that. Besides, putting the movie back together with the original menu would be a b****.

lol ok so… how about this is it possible to get orignoal menues on mystery moives… or could we have a one on one chat ?? msn … hotmail??? i really need help

You can make new menus for dvd-video. You can even use bits and pieces from the original menu, like pictures, sound, even small videos that are used in the original. But I personally don’t know of an easy way of doing this. Maybe someone else does. Wait and see what kind of responses you get.

If it were me, I’d be rebuilding the menu in an authoring program like DVDLab Pro. And I wouldn’t be looking forward to it.

Someone else might be able to tell you how to do this using another program…but even then you’d have to have the original menu to work with. Plus all the extras.

My advice is just to go buy the dvd. It is much simpler than what you are talking about.

ok well thank you i jsut thinks its gay that you can buy a movie and copy it with all the menues but when it suddenly apperars you only get the show …

Countdown to locked thread commencing… :rolleyes:

[QUOTE=gsr21;2160892]lol ok so… how about this is it possible to get orignoal menues on mystery moives… or could we have a one on one chat ?? msn … hotmail??? i really need help[/QUOTE]

We users on here don’t go IM chat sorry to say. Unless you can provide enough information for us to help you on-you will get little in the way of IM chats from most users here. Follow Kerry56 advices.

ok well that makes sience i just dont want to get banned cuz of these videos that i some how get … when i really just need the origional menue

[QUOTE=gsr21;2161220]…i really just need the origional menue[/QUOTE]
I think that’s about right. Unless you feel up to creating your own custom menus from scratch with a DVD authoring proggy.

The legally bought original version of the movie, believe it or not, [I]comes [/I]with the original menus at no additional charge! :flower:

Why would you need the menu on your backups anyway? It’s not that some mystery foreign language or subtitle suddenly magically appears when you make a menu for your movie.

If you need to make a menu for multiple series on one dvd, try using VSO or Womble’s products.