Newbie Mac user needs help!



Im using toast titanium 7.0.1 to burn avi files into dvd . The problem is the encoding it take smore then 4 hours to encode easily!!! Is there any other faster way for me to do this??!


Ouch, 4 hours is a long time. I would think anything current wouldn’t take that long.

Can you tell us more about your system? What type of hardware, ram, OS, etc. etc.


As a followup, read the posting dated Oct. 4, 2005 from Craig McGill:

A 700MB file took 8 hours to convert :sad:

I’m not familiar with Toast 7, having only used 6 myself. There must be another solution available for the mac platform. Sorry, I don’t know of another utility that you could try.


Mmm I use mc os 10.4 I have 712 ram I think and 150 gig hard drive and its a lacie dvd burner. I bought it second hand from a music producer. As far as cds its perfecto but dvds GOd damn I need patience.