Newbie LTR-48125W question

Hello dudes,

I just bought this drive 2 days ago, and it’s making perfect copies. I just got a few questions,

  1. When the writing starts, the red light flashes a few times before it stays on until the cd is finished, is this normal?

  2. When the writing is finished and I want to check the Cd with Nero CD Speed for damaged surfice parts the writer says that about 1/3 of the cd is damaged (Yellow), but when I check the Cd in my Toshiba SDM-1212 DVD-rom the Cd is 100% OK (green), What the hell is going on ???

Tnx in advance

flashing red light at start is normal its just doin the lead in its normal. now for the second question i dont have the answer. if it reads dont mind it. :cool:

I think you need to go out and invest in better media. Then try again. Not all media is created equal.

Who cares about the light. If the other drive can read the discs, that’s all that matters unless the LED blows up.

The 48125 isn’t the best CD reader, so if you see a couple of errors, always check it with another drive.