Newbie - lost on how to burn copyrighted dvds

Hi! I am a newbie and am frustrated beyond belief on how to copy copyrighted dvds. My kids scratch every new one I buy them so I want to have backups. My computer doesn’t have a dvd player or burner. I bought a dvd recorder for my tv and all is hooked up correctly. Only it of course tells me the dvd is copyrighted and I cannot copy my dvd. Please help me! This is my only quiet time with 2 kids on my ankles all day and I don’t understand half of the stuff I have been reading. I would be so thankful to anyone who can help me!


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Personally, I know next to nothing about copying dvds with a stand-alone recorder. However, I would strongly recommend that you get a dvd burner installed into your computer if you want to make back-up copies of your dvd collection.

Pc based dvd burners do a great job both with relatively inexpensive and even with free software, they’re now really as cheap as chips and there’s no reason not to have one on your system. Plenty of help for you here and elsewhere if you run into any problems too. :slight_smile:

The DVD recorder I think will only record TV shows. I would suggest you pick up a DVD burner for your computer in order to be able to backup your DVDs. BTW, nearly all DVDs are copyrighted nowadays. So pick up a Benq, NEC, Plextor, or LG DVD burner for like $40-$60 USD. Then you can use free software like DVDShrink and DVDdecrypter or Nero to rip the copyrighted DVD and then burn them. After purchasing the burner, you will need to pick up some DVD media and if you are using it primarily for backup of movies then I’d recommend DVD-R media like Verbatim or Sony but if you are worried that your kids will wreck them too quickly then you could use slightly cheaper media like Memorex.

The only way you are going to be able to copy copyrighted dvd’s on a standalone recorder is through analog with a video enhancer. In otherwords, play it on a dvd player, send it through a signal enhancer to get past copy guard, then into the recorder. You are going to of course loose menus and extra content this way too. The best way by far is to use a dvd burner in a computer. As has been said, burners can be gotten for 40-60$ and it really is your best bet. Fyi, don’t go out buying a bunch of software that claims to copy movies if you get a burner. There are only a few that are good, and for that matter there are free programs that are good to do it. Most of the good pay ones have free trial so you can see which you like too.

I would really like to burn copyrighted dvds ,but first I have to use my dvd burner .I have an HP external burner but .I am clueless what to do .I tried to copy a dvd but when I played it back it was blank.I really need someone to help me step by step with nero 7 software.I need a guide from beginning to end .I would be glad to pay for the information

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You won’t be able to copy commercially made dvds with Nero. Not by itself, since Nero will not break encryption on dvds. What you need is software for decryption, compression and burning to a disk.

The two best decryption programs are AnyDVD and DVDFab. DVDFab is an all in one program, while AnyDVD just breaks encryption…but you can let AnyDVD work in the background and use other programs with it.

There is still a way to backup dvds with free tools. DVDFab HD Decrypter is the free section within DVDFab and will continue to work as a decryption program that can rip the dvd to the hard drive even after the trial for the main part of the program expires. You can find it here:

Once you have the dvd on the hard drive, you can open the files with DVDShrink and compress them to fit a blank dvd. DVDShrink is free to download and use…so just click on it in the previous sentence and it will take you to the download here at cdfreaks. You can also use Nero Recode for this process if you prefer.

Once you have it to the correct size, you can burn with Nero or ImgBurn (a very good free burning program).

While you have the free trial for DVDFab working, you should explore its capabilities. You might find that the convenience of having everything in one program suits you.

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