Newbie lost... DVD player

Help. I recently bought a used HP Omnibook 6100 with windows 2000. It has a DVD rom ( model SR-8175-C) and I can play music but no DVd’s I"m slow when it comes to computers. I keep getting a error message that windows 2000 will not support this. Help. :sad:
I am too trusting. Maybe it won’t evenplay. How can I find out?
Thanks all. :wink:

For DvD Video playback in Windows 2000 you need

DVD-ROM drive: can be an IDE or a SCSI drive.

DVD decoder - can be either a hardware decoder (physical card in the computer) or a software decoder (usually some type of DVD player tool).

Video card/video card driver that supports DirectShow and Macrovision copy protection.

Sound card.

DVD player tool - Windows 2000 places a shortcut to a basic DVD video player on the Start menu when a supported decoder is detected.

Download Video Lan Player

And give it a try.

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