Newbie looking for guidance on buying a NEC burner



Hello everyone, first I must say I have spent HOURS lurking through all the info here. I have to say wow :eek: this is a GREAT board with so much info !!! :bow: to all the posters.

I want to buy my husband an external dvd burner for his birthday. From what I’ve read, NEC seems to be a good choice.

I’m wondering what is the difference between the ND3500A and ND3520A? Is one better than the other? (I apologize if this is answered elsewhere but I could not find it!)

Also, has anyone purchased a burner on ebay? I’m an ebay junkie - always looking for a bargin! Just wondering if it’s a bad idea or what… :bigsmile:


yes the nec is a very good burner you probebly wount find a 3500 but the 3520 is also very good.
i personaly wouldn`t both with fleabay you can get a nec3520 at my local pc shop for £40 so its not worth the hassel useing ebay.


or wait for the 3540!with this new drive that will be in stores at the end of March you get a very fast 8x Speed on DVD+RDL!


Maybe his birthday is sooner than the 3540 will be released…


In other words KONSOLEN how do you know that the 3540 will be in stores at the end of March ?

We are also curious :bow:



If you walk into your local OfficeMax and look for the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 you will get an NEC 3500. If it’s the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9A2 it will be an NEC 3520.
My local OM had about 10 of the MD-16XDVD9’s on their shelf today.


Micro Center also carry the Mad Dog/NEC 3500.


Just to clarify, the models you are looking for would have an “-EXT” on the end, to signify an external drive. I’m assuming the numbers pchilson indicated would be the same otherwise (ie, a MD-16XDVD9-EXT would be a 3500 external). Also, you should make sure that the computer this drive will be used with has USB2/Hi-Speed capabilities (if it’s reasonably recent it probably does).


Thanks for all the responses!! :iagree: :bow:

I think I am going to get a Mad Dog from office max now. :slight_smile: We have one not far from here, but I found it online and it’s free delivery. And if something isn’t right we can exchange it easily. (I just had a baby so it’s a little hard to run around shopping!!)

Not sure if his computer has the USB2… it might because he replaced the motherboard and re-built it with in the past year. If not, he has a brand new laptop for work and my Dell is a few months old and has it.

Thanks again!


You want to connect the NEC drive to the IDE channel INSIDE the PC for best performance. He has a desktop PC, so this is doable. The NEC will burn CDs and DVDs. Plus the internal drive is CHEAPER than the external.