Newbie - Looking for a Dvd Burner



Hi Newbie to site, long time reader just signed up for the forum :iagree:

I was hoping somebody might be able to help me with a DVD/writer question I have…

I am looking to buy a Philips DVDR1640 DVD Writer.

As reviewed on here … article

The problem I am having is I can’t seem to locate anywhere online that sells this burner, all the places I have tried online and offline seem to sell a drive that is similar to the DVDR1640P, they name it the same but to look at its basically a bog standard optical drive branded as Philips missing the key elements like the fancy led display on the front.

I’m looking to source in black, with the led display not this alternative that seems to be floating about I can’t understand why its so difficult to find identical to the one reviewed on here, its to have been replaced or something.

I was wondering if anybody knows what was going on this, maybe it was replaced not cost effective to produce or something? :confused:

I’m UK based but if anybody has seen it online anywhere in the same styling as the one reviewed here, please could you let me know! Thanks


Only advise id give is read the forums, cos ull get everyones personal opinon, and its about personal taste i think really. Popular ones seem to be NEC, LiteOn, LG, Pioneer or/and phillips.

Or maybe someone can prove that so and so burner is the best :iagree:

goto the recodring forums.



I’ve been searching thru the forum on here, but haven’t found anywhere listed online that sells it in the styling I was hoping for, I’m pretty set thats the burner i really want, thought the cdfreaks review summed it up nicely and feel its definitely the burner for me. :wink:




Pig stuff?


Unfortunately I already tried overcockers (click the link its hilarious!) they suck, their completely useless!

That drive they have advertised is a waste of space it isn’t the model I wanted its some low budget version!

They wasted my time and money!

I would suggest avoiding them at all costs there a nightmare to deal with!



pig stuff? what funk is that suppose to mean? u dont like the burner or something? :frowning:


For the price I would look at the NEC ND-3520A or at least include it in your search for a DVD-RW. It’s a great burner and a lot of people are happy with them. Very happy with mine and have not had any issues with it!!


Never had a problem with them :confused: Always been great for me.



the pictures have the LEDs (even on ocuk) - strange.


I’ve been on all these websites you have listed and even though overcockers display the led version of the Philips I can assure u it isn’t the led one they deliver its some cheesy second-hand knock off.

They waver rights by saying the image is purely for illustration purposes grrr …

Dabs doesn’t display a picture of the drive even though they list but I am reluctant to buy from as I am pretty sure it’ll be the same cheesy knock off version are selling under a false image, and as Amazon they have listed far too expensive I wouldn’t pay that for it! And chances are it would be the same again!