Newbie: Liteon DVDRom Drives support DL?

Tried searching the forums and tried the liteon site but couldn’t find any answer as to “Do all Liteon DVDRom Drives support Dual Layer or Double Layer DVD+R?” Can they read them normally as just DVD9 media?

I have the Lite On SOHC-5232K drive. It can read and rip official pressed DVD-ROM DL discs. Nero InfoTool does NOT have a check in the DVD+R DL box (I have NEVER seen ANY combo drive that supports that). I don’t have any DVD+R DL discs to test on it though…


Anyone have any other experiences?

With the latest firmware, these drives CAN read +R DL discs, regardless of booktype:

For the rest of the drives, they CAN read +R DL discs if they are booktyped to -ROM. They will probably be unable to read +R DL discs that are NOT booktyped to -ROM (I think I heard that some of the really old DVD-ROMs are fine? I could be remembering wrong, hence the “probably”).

165H still doesn’t read it yet!!!

i already email to LiteON lol…but no info after that…>_<

i got that model, the jlms 165h, and in my opinion it totally sucks for burnt discs. I’m not sure if you have the same problems, but it has so much difficulty reading burnt discs, and sometimes it will not even read it.

in my opinion liteon/jlms dvd-roms drives aren’t good. the best readers are, and will forever be, toshiba drives. 1712 & 1912 are the best readers i’ve ever seen.

Sorry guys !!..i’m not saiding that 165H is shit lol…

i love this DVD rom to ready Audio disc and its ripping very fast!! matter its burn cd or DVD…it read burn CD very well loll…

its just my own complain about 166s got so many firmware release since last year and where is 165H?? …no firmware since CH12 (2003 firmware)…and 166s just got +R DL supported by newest firmware!!..i confirm this on my friend’s 166s lol (its now tick on Nero info tool)…

oh well >_<