Newbie : LG 4120 complete test?

Hi everybody, I’m searching for a good DL recorder and the LG4120 seems complete (12x +R, RAM, DL). But I can’t find any test. NEC 2510 seems completely good, BenQ DW1600 appears good (but we must wait new firmware for -R support) but I can’t find something about 4120. What’s your opinion ? Where can I find different test ? Thanks.

There are some test results including the ones I posted about right here. GSA-4120B has been on the market since May and been tested since April.

u wannn take a look at some of my media tests?
i dunno my burning is okay or not. i cant do 12x on 8x ricoh dvd+r and Verbatim8x, though both of them were said burnt at 12x in Nero.

Kenshin, what’s your opinion about this one ? I hesitate between LG4120, BenQ1600 and Nec2510, what’s choice is the best for you ? Thanks about your opinion.