Newbie, just had some basic questions

Hi all, I’m the new guy here and up until today I was never interested in ripping DVD’s, I have a collection of over 160 PS2 games that I enjoy ripping. I was just looking through when I noticed the new program I was vry please. I haven’t been able to get off of the computer since. Here are the questions that I have.

Here’s what I did so far, I took one of my movies (The Patriot) and put it in my drive, opened Apple DVD Player to authenticte. I opened DVDBackup and ripped the movie to my hard drive. The movie size was about 7 gigs, when I ripped it it was about 6.5. (Not Sure If That’s Right). I then added those files to DVD2oneX and compressed them. That’s where I’m at so far, and any other info would be very helpful. Thanks!!!

  1. Do I only need to get the files under the VIDEO_TS folder, or the ones in the AUDIO_TS folder.

  2. After I grab the files how do I burn them, I have the latest version of Toast 5.2.1, and a DVD-R drive.

You need to just drop the processed files into the video ts folder, no need to drop any into audio folder. I use Nero and select dvd movie project then drag and drop processed files into the Video ts folder then burn.