Newbie in serious need of help!



can anyone help me with this problem

I have put fifa world cup 2002 onto cd at least 5 times today and each time when i try to run the disc it installs then when you click play it says "please insert the correct CD-ROM,select ok and restart application" the cd is still sitting in the same drive that it installed from

what am i doing wrong

ps today is my first attempt at doing this so i am a total newbie


Have you read all topics in our CloneCD forum (especially the sticky ones)?

If so, please give us more information on your system (windows version, writer (brand and model), writer software)

If no,please do so first and then specify your question please


we need info on your system


hi looked at the stuff in the clone forum but i can’t see an answer to my problem

here is what i have , i have the bin & cue of the pc game “Fifa world cup 2002” i have also extracted the bin file and copied a file over

i have copied the extracted stuff to cd using nero and when i install from the disc it installs fine and places the shortcut on the desktop.

when i click on the desktop icon i get the error message “please insert the correct CD-ROM,select ok and restart application” i have tried the cd in both the writer and the cdrom and it still asks for the correct cd-rom.

i tried to use cdrwin 5 but couldnt figure out how to use it :o

I have nero, cdrwin and just this second got cloney

using windows XP 5.1.2600
1.6 mhz processor
512 ram
tdk writer 12/10/32

hope this helps


fifa 2002is safedisk 2.5xxx protected and your burner can’t do this.

do you have all the files required, if so the protection is stopping you fro making it work. the game looks for certain things on the disk and if they are not there then it believes it is an a copy and it won’t play

in short your burner can’t put this data in the required position for the game to work


Just wanted to say that it’s working fine now using nero and the TDK i had forgotten to copy over after doing the install

thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile:

ps is fifa 2002 and fifa world cup 2002 a different game i thought it was but not so sure now after you wrote fifa 2002


no same game, different licence