Newbie in need

just got myself a NEC 3500a as reccomended, no software included.

realy want to start backing up my dvds as the kids are constantly messing up my originals.

using shrink but seems to take forever after copying to hd then back to dvd.

seems like this nero is the way forward… whats the score… how easy is it to do… is there any help pages … and assume all these fast burns speeds like 4.45 mins for a dvd means that people are doing it form dvd rom to dvd writer… any advice would be appreciated.

use DVD Decrypter (free software) to rip to your disk. DVD shrink to compress it to fit into a single DVD±R. Then use DVD decrypter to burn back to disc. The whole process should take about 40 minutes

EDIT: or you could try AnyDVD with cloneDVD. This way you wont need to rip the disc to your hard drive first

thanks but i thort there was a way to do it disk to disk?

AnyDVD with CloneDVD

so wots nero used for… seems to be a lot of talk about it in cdfreaks, burn times etc

Nero is a great program for burning all kinds of discs. You can burn backup DVDs as well. Burn times depend on the speed of your writer and the rated speed of the discs that you are using and not the program that you are using to burn. Programs like CloneDVD and anyDVD are dedicated DVD backup programs. They are really easy to use. Great advantage if you are backing up alot of DVDs as they save you time by not ripping the DVD to hard drive first.

perfect. thanks so anydvd & clonedvd is what i need to for doing disk to disk