Newbie in need of advice

Looking for an all around burner.
i will mostly be using it for audio cds.
and occasionally a DVD movie here and there.
Speed for audio or mp3 cds would help alot
also not looking to spend too much.
what are the best choices?

Pioneer 111D or 111… :bigsmile:

maybe something with more cd-r speed?
i will mostly be using it for cd-r should i just go with a cd-r only with high speed like 52x?
maybe something like
LITE-ON CD Burner Black IDE Model SOHR-5239V BK RT - Retail
but no dvd burner on that :frowning:
just a thought how much of a diffrence in time would it take to burn a audio cd on the 40x or this 52x?
is it a huge diffrence?

Audio CDs are best burned at 16x or 24x to reduce the jitter that can make them hard to play on standalone CD players. I burn mine at 16x as do many members here & bear in mind this still only takes about 4mins.

When burning at 52x the speed starts low , slowly ramping up to the maximum. 52x would only be reached for the last few percent of a burn.

Given that the Pio 111 series is a good choice.

thanks alot your reply helped :wink:
learn a new thing everyday