Newbie, I Want to put 3 Movies on 1 DVDr, Please


I’ve got DVDr’s with 3 films on each, WOW!

Question is:
Please can someone tell me what I need to do to do this myself.

:bow: Thanks! :iagree:

If they are full length films I would imagine they are very, very compressed. What is the quality like?

your not going to believe this but their is no % lost in quality, i duno how

(just the film’s, no extra’s or crap)

You’re right, we don’t believe you. Just because you can’t personally see the loss of quality doesn’t mean it’s not there. Some people can see the quality loss on even 10% reduction in size.

for copyright reasons i cant show proof, maybe their is loss in quality, i duno, i cant see it anyways

I’m sure there are probably other programs to do what you want, but this is what is use As you can see by the url, its svcd (or vcd quality) but its definite quality loss. I personally don’t care about the quality loss, because it’s alot easier to play one dvd rather than 6 cds. You may want to give the program a try, but its not free. I found it to be more that worth it because of the speed. On a p4 2.5 it converts 6 vcd to dvd in about 45 minutes, with a simple menu.

You could also use Nero Recode to make a DVD with 3 films on it, but I guess the compression would be horrible. - if an average film is 1 3/4 hours long - 3 on it (using the wonder of maths) is 5 1/4 hours of video on one DVD… - one question - is it a single layer or a duel layer disc?

the discs i have with 3 films on are on single layer disks

I guess it could be possible. I’ve put 6hrs of vhs home video onto one dvd using vegas video’s encoder, and it looks good. Not as good as a pressed dvd, but pretty darn good. It’s nearly as good as the original vhs tape.