Newbie, i need media help

Ok i just recently bought an SOHW 812S and i need some good dvd media brand. i know i can get TY or Riteck but i have to buy it online which i can’t. My local stores sell brands like Sony, Verbatim, TDK, Memorex, Maxwell, Liquid Video, fugifilm. I heard that the ones made in Japan are the best, but most i see are made in Taiwan, what would someone recommend? :bow:

Start here:
type in the brands you mentioned under “Search DVD Media” (one at a time) to get an idea of what might be in the package. Basically you can never be absolutely sure, but you can make an educated guess and also check these forums for feedback. Personally I’d take Memorex and Liquid Video off of the list you mentioned, but you’d probably be safe with any of the rest in most cases.

I’d go for Ritek, TDK or Maxell. If TDK says made in japan, you have got TY :smiley: