Newbie:How to format files on HD to play on IPOD

I just bought an IPOD. Almost all of my music, 1300 songs are in MP4 format in WMP. How can I copy these to my IPOD without first copying each song to a CD?

Can I convert the MP files to AAC as an example?

Are older versions of ITUNE better for this purpose? If so, does anyone have a link or a copy of the preferred version?

I don’t own an Ipod, but my understanding is that they play mp3’s just fine, if you can convert to that.

IPOD does not provide much info. I understand IPOD will copy from a CD to IPOD. What I was hoping to find was a way to copy music directly from my HD. It seems like the only files IPOD will recognize on my HD are files downloaded from ITUNE.

thats odd…I’m not familiar with the device, but have friends that bus thier mp3’s to them all the time. Not a guru this, but i know they play mp3’s

Think I figured it out! Had to use the file or file import in ITune. Seems to be working fine.

Thanks for the assistance!

please share for the rest of us if it works…:slight_smile: