Newbie - How To Flash Benq 1655?

So I have my new Benq model 1655 installed and see there is an updated firmware for it. I am new to this so I want to know if there are any special instructions for performing the update? It comes as a Windows exe file and it seems like I can just run it. But I wonder if this should be done only in safe mode, etc. I can find no special instructions anywhere and this seems to confirm my thinking. But I want to be sure I get it right. Your help is appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes you can just flash the f/w upgrade. Tips do this in safe mode, disc tray empty, personally I have tray open as this gives a mechanical sign of when flashing is complete. Tray should close on completion. This last item is not essential, just a preference.

Thanks. I did it as you described. Seems to be working still. Appreciated!