Newbie here with Lite-On Scribe Problem

Hi All, Glad to have found all the good info everyone is posting. I purchased and installed my Lite-On DVDRW SHM-165H6S. It plays DVD’s, CD’s, and no problem recording on CD. I get error message: Could not perform END OF DISK AT ONCE, when trying to record on DVD+RW single side 4.7GB disk. Also, tried a DVD+R disk.

I’m using Nero 6.6, and tried INCD 4. Disk tested as heathly and empty. I already installed the most resent firmware, and made certain the drive is set to MASTER.

Can anyone help? I’ve read many posts about this drive, but not how to fix the error. Don’t know if it is software or hardware problem.

Thanks, Logic Girl

What kinda of media are you using and what speed is the burn at? Did you check to see if the firmware was the latest?

Firmware was the latest. Media tried: HP DVD+RW 4.7GB (single side) & HP DVD+R, with record speed at 2.4.

The clue to the problem is the error message could not perform end of disk at once. I can record to CD with no problem. All media type are checked on in software. Nero and MS recognize the disk as healthy, and empty. Thanks for the help.

I will go out and get a different brand of DVD, and see if I can record to it.

If that doesn’t work, I will test the DVD writer in another computer.

Thanks, Logic Girl