Newbie here with a newly bought sohw 1673s



Ok i have a small tale to tell.

Ok i bought this drive as it was the cheapest in a computer fair (local dealers go to these to sell there stock at trade prices or somit) so anyhow, i find one store had this for £33 so i thought i might as well get it as its got fast burning speeds and i think liteon can copy anything with things like clonecd and that.

Anyhow when i get back home i install the drive underneath my cdrw drive that i had already. Now the cdrw drive was set at master and new dvd rw (liteon) was set as slave. Now i know the instructions when installing said to have it as master but i thought whats really the difference between master and slave as long as there not both reading/writing at the same time. Right well anyhow so it was all installed and computer recognized it ok, i thought it was ok. I was wrong.

Ok first of all i tryed clearing files from hdd to (datawrite greytop 8x DVD -R 4.7gb oh and nero says it can only write 4.5gig why?) discs and the first things i tryed was burning some movies i have to them using nero 6 ultra. Seemed to go ok so i burned 2 copies one for me and one for bro. Now after that i used the liteon to do what i said i was going to do which was clear files off hdd so i had more space (bought it for this very reason as hdd were full practically).

Ok i started with burning some videos from my hdd to the dvd discs at 8x. Well they either burned with no errors but when it was varifying data written (had option on to make sure everything was burned ok) i had varifying errors. Now tryed again but same errors as i thought it may have been a dodgy disc. So i decided to disconect my cdrw and to make the dvd rw master instead of slave device. When i was doing this however, the case itself was very hot and so was the inside of the case and some of the metal structures. I suddenly thought perhaps its the discs getting warped when burning due to the heat. But since i now had the cdrw disconected the case doesnt feel hot anymore or the dvd drive.

Right so back to trying again. This time im using 4x with same discs as before. Now im getting better results but i am stumpted as to if its either writing at slower speed (i bought the drive and 8x discs cos i wanted to burn stuff quicker than 4x one) otherwise i could have just bought a 4x drive instead lol. If u see what i mean. Or do u think it was the temperature insdie the case that was effectingb the burning of the discs? Or a conflict with the cdrw.

Btw i still have a problem. Its when the discs have finisihed writing that when i open and close the dvd tray to see the files on the dvd it 3/4 out of 5 times it doesnt show the name of the dvd inside and doesnt show any files. Now only way i can get this to show the disc name and to see files is to open and close drive a few times or to reboot the computer with the disc still in and it usually works ok (seeing in “my computer” it shows that a disc i s in and when i open it it shows the files.)

So basically do i have a dodgy drive if so would they take it back and if they do what do i tell them as its pretty complicated to explain all this to a shop usually. Or shall i attempt a new firmware update perhaps? Or is it teh balnk media the problem or what?

Please help me. :sad:

PS on the box it says “Manufacture date: January 2005”

JS02 is the firmware version acording to nero info tool.


make a disc quality scan with nero cd-dvd speed @4 speed and post the results.


Im not sure how to do that, please explain in detail if you would be so kind.

EDIT - Ok i found the cd-dvd tool thing, i seen disc quality test in extras section, i changed speed to 4x i clicked start and then it came up a drive not suported error. What now?

Btw i saw on liteon site there is a firmware JS07 does anyone know what it fixes/updates as i cant find any details about what it fixes/updates.


you can also flash to 1693S KS04 firmware. but that will void warranty and if your drive is faulty you can’t return it.

flash @own risk. will void warranty!


SkeeterUK, welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

It sounds more like a media problem to me. Upgrading to official JS07 would be a good start though, but don’t crossflash your drive in case it is faulty. Liteon drives do prefer +R media, so you might like to try some quality +R media. It pays to pay a little extra for media for the Liteon, as they can be a bit fussy :wink:


Here is one of the better burnt cds i did yesterday at 4x

It was tested with 4x as well btw. And what is the difference between -/+ media my friend said theres no differnce. And why am i hearing on this forum that my new drive doesnt support duel layer +R writing when it clearly says it on the box it came with?

Also notice in the test picture that it said burnt using a sony drive, wtf is up with that?

Btw i just updated firmware to JS07, first impressions seem that the detecting of something in the drive when u put a disc in is working now. Real test will be after a burning session tho. (this was updated AFTER the disc quality test)

Another thing is about the discs is that they were cheap for a 25pack spindle, they were only £6 or £7. I just picked up what i thought was cheap but had a brand i recongined. I hate unbranded stuff. My friend said just get whats cheap so i did i asked which i should get + or - he said no difference. So if u think the liteon drive likes the + media better can u tell me why that is please in simple terms :slight_smile:


Any replies? As i posted the quality test results like u asked, but what does it all mean and can i do anything?


Don’t worry about the Sony label in Nero CD-DVD Speed. Liteon firmware writes this to all DVD-R discs and NS is reading this back off the disc.

All 3S drives from the 1633S support dual layer burning.

The Liteon strategies are better for +R but this has improved a lot in the 1673S/93S drives. Check out the Liteon FAQ for more information.

I’d say you have to get some better media. It pays to spend a little more on quality media for the Liteon drives. It will save you money and time in the long run…


@ SkeeterUK

See this link for info about media for liteon’s. If you want technical details for + & - media, suggest you search net. Plenty of articles.

I’m currently using MCC003 Verbatim brand and have been getting good results -
see this link if you missed it in other post