Newbie here, what's a acceptable quality score?



I just got my dw1650 today and first thing i did was flash it to the newest f/w BCHC, ran Qsuite, SB on for known, OS on. Burned 4x at 8x speed then ran nero cd speed and got a quality score of 90, is this acceptable?



What you’ve got is quite acceptable, although the clusters of PIFs don’t look too good.

What is the quality like at 4x, it’s not always best to burn so fast.

I’ve just read some posts suggesting that SB Off for known media gives better burn quality and that actually is the Benq default.


Thanks Tim for the suggestion, i’ll try that out for my next burn.


Considering the media used, no, I would not be happy with burns of that quality. Do as TimC suggests and burn at the rated speed.


While you can burn TYG01’s at 8x it really depends on the batch you get.

Are you doing anything while burning? If so try not to and see how it goes.

I can burn my TYG01’s at 8x with great results but maybe I just have a good batch.


supapowa, welcome to the forum!

The PIF clusters seen in your first scan could easily be the result of some dust, fingerprints, scuff marks or other problem on the disc surface during burning or scanning.

Try looking at the disc under a strong light to check whether it’s clean next time you burn and scan - maybe that will help.


Great point DrageMester, since my past few batches have been so clean I
always forget about that. He is right though that will make a huge difference.



Congrats on the New BenQ 1650 Drive :slight_smile:

Where did you purchase?

Did you geta good price?


For me as a general guide a total PIF of over 2000 and it is going in the bin (the disk not the drive).

For me i would reburn that, as for me that is an extremelly poor burn and could definitely cause you problems with playback.


I do not agree with that :disagree:

And a[B]very good[/B] transfer :

Edit :
It is Sony 16X DVD+R MIJ media :slight_smile: , the quality is constant with the 15 discs or so that I tried .


As far as movies are concerned, I think the QS is overrated. I turned out a low 80 qs once and the movie played flawlessly.


Flawlessly now, but in the long term, IMHO, the better the burn, the better the backup several years from now.
Additionally, quality score gives you solid documentation of your results, rather than just assuming that a brand or batch of media is good, because it played ok when you reviewed it.
I would liken it to that old scratched up audio CD that we all seem to have a few of. Plays ok now, but may be one tiny scratch away from freezing or skipping. :slight_smile:


Neither do I!

It all depends on how those PIF are distributed over the disc. If they are evenly distributed I hardly care. If there’s a narrow PIF cluster of 1000 PIF it goes in the bin, however!

A bad Read Transfer also goes in the bin, regardless of how few PIE/PIF the scans show.

If I get a disc with far more PIF than other discs from the same batch, I throw it away based on the theory that it might already be degrading.

I have media that cannot produce less than 3000-4000 PIF per disc regardless of which drive they’re burned in, and they show absolutely no problem in Read Transfer tests or playback tests, and when scanned at 12x (maximum speed) in my Plextor PX-712 they scan better than most other discs that have nice low-speed scans!

You’re welcome to trash discs with > 2000 PIF, but for me the keep/discard decision is more complex than that!


ok guys, i’m going to try burning another movie and i’ll give u the results, but this time i won’t do anything and just leave it burning, i’ll leave it at the rated speed at 4x, and i’ll try to have a clean disc :slight_smile: it was dusty so i tried blowing on it but i ended up getting well anyways, it was pretty dirty. let’s hope this works :slight_smile:, newegg 34.99 + shipping…i find out there was a sale on shipping 2 days after i purchased…go figure. :frowning:


Ok, here’s attempt #2, the results looks better due do well a lot of things really. burned at 4x, turned sb off, didn’t do anything while burning, had a clean disc - minimal dust/finger prints. up until purchasing this drive, i never knew about all of this, i had a DRU500A and all i did was put in a blank, burn, wait 15 minutes come back k thanks!

but thanks for the suggestions/info.


It’s worth noting that TYG01 does not have a strategy in the BenQ 1650/55 firmware (according to MCSE). :eek: Given this, the burn results above are quite good, although TYG01 Should burn better on this drive IMO (PIF total seems rather high).

Make sure SolidBurn is on, at least for unknown media, and results on these discs should improve.

In my personal experience 4X rated Yuden00 T02 are the best discs I have ever used in terms of low error rates and consistency.


If your burnt disc are being played in your stand alond DVD player then the quality burn is acceptable regardless what the quality of scan is. Also the average qulity scans are from %92-%97.