Newbie here w/ a burning question

Great to find this wealth of info on cds and dvds. This place is wonderful.

My name is Harvey and I Am just getting into backing up my dvd collection.

My question is this…I would like to make PERFECT backups of my personal collection, I don’t want to sacrafice any video quality. I have a 65 inch widescren tv so I don’t want to degrade (compress) the video in the least. Now I know I will most likely need 2 dvdrs for every movie that is on a dvd-9, my question is what software can I use that will split the movie uncompressed over two dvds?? IT would also be great to omit any foreign languages and or streams of audio such as 2 channel stereo that I won’t be using I have a dolby 5.1 home theater so that is the stream I would want.

Lastly, IS there software that will do the ripping and decrypting and buring all in one or will I need to rip/decrypt with one software adn burn with another???

Your help is greatly appceciated,


I would suggest you try DVD Shrink , it will rip/decrypt the DVD also.
There are some excellent guides in the Guides and Tutorials forum, you may also what to check this