Newbie here - my burner wont burn

Hello everyone. I have a NU DVDRW DDW-082 burner that I haven’t really tried to use since I got it.

Well, I wanted to burn a linux ISO to CD, so I downloaded ISO recorder and when I try to burn it is almost immediately says “General error”

So I downloaded DVD Power Burner and the same thing happens, except the message is more specific: failed to write pre-gap data. I’ve tried a couple different CDs from my CD spindle but they all do the same thing.

Anyone know WTF I’m doing wrong?


That WTF is really necessary??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Have you tried IMGburn?

heh, yeah, that’s just how I roll. Sorry if I offended you.

I did. I got a popup with a long complicated I/O error with the interpretation: Unable to recover TOC.

Any other suggestions?