Newbie here! Menu + Movie?


I would like to back-up some of my DVD collection but i can’t seem to find a way to include the original menus etc.
Basically i want an exact copy of the original disc and not just the movie itself.

I have DVD Decrypter, DVD2one and Nero visonexpress 2 SE.
Do i need any other software?

Any advice much appreciated thanks!!

The best software you need is VobBlanker, Titleset Blanker or PGCEdit.

Any of these can blank out anything you don’t want. You then put the results in DVD Shrink, DVD2One etc.

I would use DVD Decrypter to rip the files to the HDD and then work on the files with any of those programs above. Titleset Blanker and VobBlanker are the easiest to use.

titleset blanker is the easiest to use and takes the least amount of time if all you want to do is blank out any video that isn’t the main movie.

I totally agree.

It is not clear what you mean by “exact copy”. Are you planing on burning Dual Layer media? Do you want same layout of the original DVD-Video, just shrink it from Dual Layer to Single Layer?


Thanks for all your help.

I used DVD Decrypter first then DVD shrink which also burnt the disc too and i’m very happy with the result!! I have everything now, the menus, special features, commentary’s and the movie itself which is exactly what i wanted and was trying to say in my original post! hehe

In the past i used DVD decrypter then tried to use nero but could only ever just get the movie itself to fit.

DVD shrink is excellent so thanks for the pointer!!

Thanks again for all your help. 1st post on here and problems sorted. Great stuff!!! :slight_smile: