Newbie here, memorex burner question...(already searched)


I have the memorex discontinued 16x external burner

For some reason, no matter what the disk I cannot burn at 16x anymore.

I tried both nero 6 and 7, 3 varieties of recordable media, and also switching computers using both firewire and USB connectivity.

I’ve probably burned 60 DVDs @ 16x before this latest try. I updated the firmware also and that doesnt make any difference. Please help.

I would only use either Nero 6 or 7.

Otherwise it creates trouble…

Welcome to cdfreaks jorpe. :wink:

To be able help you out we need more information. (Good you made a search first).

  • Please post info about media used. Put a DVD disc in your drive, goto Programs-> Nero->Nero Toolkit->CD-DVD Speed. In CDspeed choose DiscInfo tab. Check your disc/-s and post as information you get on MID line, (see pic)

  • Make a Transfer Rate Test on a DVD you burned. With disc in drive, choose Benchmark tab, hit Start.
    When test ready save with floppy symbol at top of window (see pic) to folder of choice (in .png format).
    Attach the pic with your next post.