Newbie here-media question



Hello all-
Just about to buy a DVD burner, and am still painfully ignorant. I’m slowly educating myself on the many choices in this technology, but I have one question now: does anyone use RW media? I like the idea of re-writablity for backup purposes, but my experiences in the CD-RW world have left me less than confident in this format. Is the reliablility of -RW or +RW any better with DVDs? If so, whose media do you find reliable? TIA.


DVD RWs are very unreliable and prone to failure. I would recommend against using them for backups. Use GOOD write-once media such as Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Ricoh for important backups.


I would have said that -RW and +RW was worse not better with DVD. But to be fair although I have 3 drives I haven’t used RW for a long time. The price of +R and -R is so cheap these days I personally can’t find a reason to use RW anymore


Have over 75 full burns on the Sony/RicohJpn W11 DVD+RW. Knock on wood!