Newbie here Looking for dvd2onex for dummies

Here’s where im at…

Just registered DVD2ONEX…
Used DVD Backup to decode…
file backed up to hard drive plays fine on DVD Player…
Followed instructions for Step 2 - Process the movie and that seemed to work…
saved files to ALL CAPS FOLDER…
Where I am losing it is on the burning part…

* Make sure that the files are in a VIDEO_TS directory.
* Make sure that the disk name, directory name and file names are in CAPITALS.

When i place a DVD-R into the my superdrive, do I name disk “TITLE OF MOVIE” and then make a folder inside called VIDEO_TS and then place the files inside the VIDEO_TS folder? Am i just missing something simple here? I guess I am looking for some real basic instructions on the burning process in “for dummies” format. I dont seem to have any problems with any of the other steps. Oh yea… I am burning the DVD-R with Apples built in burning software. Im assuming thats all I need but Ill take recomendations on using other software. Someone please help. I dont want to wast any more disks. :slight_smile:

Hello there,
Do not create a folder inside the video ts folder. Just dump all the files you processed into the folder the burn.

I actually figured out what I was doing wrong. There is a checkbox to "create VIDEO_TS folder when you hit start. It is unchecked by defult. Being new to this, I had not realized that it was needed for playback. Thanks for your input though…

Ok… I hate to sound like an Idiot… But I have combed through the forum for the simple instructions for the burning process. I have followed a few of the suggestions form some of the other threads and still no success. I have everything completed as stated on the first post. The problem seems to be with the disks I burn. They will not play on anything but my G4. I put the burned disk into the drive, DVD player will pop up but if I press play, i get a not permitted error. If I do a file/open, i can navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder and it will play. I have noticed that most people are using Toast or program other then the built in Mac software. Has anybody had any success with just dragging and dropping the VIDEO_TS folder onto a blank DVD and hitting File/Burn Disk? What am I missing?? UGGG… I know its not the movie or the midia either because I have gone through 10 disks from different manufactures and have tried this with 6 different movies. I am probably going to feel like a real IDIOT when i find out how simple this is, but can someone give me a through step-by-step using nothing else but the built in Mac burning software? Or do I need to use Toast?

Thanks in advance…:confused:

I think you have to use Toast or similar burning software. I didn’t even though of using the built in Finder burner application. I sorta assumed you have to use Toast to burn a DVD movie.

does anyone know if it is possible to just use diskcopy somehow? i can’t afford toast and don’t want to make more coasters.

I am in the same boat as doctrosx . My G4 can locate the file in the hard drive and play it but I can’t get them to work on their own. My G4 will say not permitted, and my other standalone DVD players at home just say Cannot play DVD, and they are all DVD-R compatible. I have tried to use Toast, I version 5.1.4, dragging and dropping the VIDEO_TS folder which has been encrypted and used with DTOX onto the Toast window. It does before it burns make 2 little folders along with the VIDEO_TS folder called something like desktop and something else. Don’t know if this has anything to do with it. I just want to figure out this last step. Please help with any advice. Thanks a ton!!!

Bearcat :smiley:

Here’s how to take your new files that you’ve created with DVD2OneX and burn them using Roxio’s Toast (get latest upates from them at

First, DVDs are not burned the way you’d use a floppy disk, for example. The data needs to be transferred to the disk in a very specific way. It doesn’t work to take your files and copy them to a DVD. You’d think they’d make it that easy?

No. So, we use software like Toast. There’s another program called MissingMediaBurner out there, that’s freeware or shareware. I haven’t used it, but probably should some day. Anyway, you can find it here:

Second, files needs be in folders in a specific way for DVDs to work. On your hard drive, DVD2OneX files will be written in whichever folder you tell it. When you prepare these new files for burning, follow these rules:

  1. Name your folder using all capital letters, with no spaces or special characters. Underlines are good. I’ve seen plenty of commercial DVDs that have spaces everywhere, and in (gasp!) lower case letters, so maybe the new generation of DVD players is more robust. Best to not get creative here and stick to the standard.

  2. There needs to be two subdirectories under this folder. One is called AUDIO_TS, and should be completely empty. The other is called VIDEO_TS, and will hold all the files you’ve created using DVD2OneX.

So, with my Beastie Boys video anthology (2 disks) for example, I’d rip the files onto my hard drive and when DVD2OneX asks me where to put its files, I’ll point it to a directory I’ve made called BEASTIE_BOYS_DISK1. Also check the box in DVD2OneX that will create the VIDEO_TS folder.

When it’s done doing its thing I’ll have this structure:

----- VIDEO_TS
-------- (files created by DVD2One: video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo, video_ts.vob, vts_01_0.bup, etc.)

I’ll add the AUDIO_TS folder. Apparently some DVD players need to see this folder to work. My DVD player doesn’t care, but as this folder is empty and doesn’t take up much space, play it safe.

So now I have:
----- AUDIO_TS
----- VIDEO_TS
-------- (files created by DVD2One: video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo, video_ts.vob, vts_01_0.bup, etc.)

Open Toast. Choose the “Other” menu button, and select “DVD” from the drop-down.

Drag your DVD folder from Finder into the central part of the Toast window that says “Drag files and folders into this area.” See how easy this is?

Your main folder should now be represented with a little picture of a disk, and the folder name has now become the title of your disk. Feel free to double-click and change it if you want, just stay away from spaces, etc.

Under the disk icon/BEASTIE_BOYS_DISK1 heading, there should be two folder icons, with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. Click on the contents arrows to reveal what’s inside the folders.

AUDIO_TS should be empty. VIDEO_TS should have only files that begin with V (the video_ts and vts_xx_x files. If you see files called .DS_Store, or similar, select them and use the “Remove” button to delete them.

Put a blank DVD in your drive, and hit the red clown-nose button. (You may have needed to set up Toast earlier to recognize your drive – follow the Toast instructions for installation and set up.) If it’s available, feel free to select “Buffer underrun prevention” – this makes sure that the data keeps up with the burner.

You probably dont realize how many people you just helped. Im sure I wasnt the first person with this problem… and Im sure I wont be the last. I just want to thank you for taking the time to help someone new to this. Your instructions worked perfectly. I have spent over 30 hours and around $15 worth of disks trying to figure this out. My hats off to the developer of DVD2One and DVDBACKUP.

Guys… you may want to add these instructions to your read me file. It will save newbies hours worth of frustration.

Thanks again…

Good! I’m glad you found that useful.

FYI, for those people who’d prefer to NOT buy Toast, it is possible to use MissingMediaBurner to turn the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders into a compliant disk image (.IMG) that can be burned using Disk Copy.