Newbie here, Jus bought Nec ND-3500A



hi uhm i just bought this dvd burner and installed it in my computer today. and im wondering if i really need firmware. cuz im not sure what it is or how to use it. or even whats good for mine. im really confused on this whole thing and dont know where to start.


You see all the Read first posts on the top of this sub-forum? Those would be good places to start.


i read those but they dont really make any sense to me.


There is no newer firmware from NEC for this drive. It would be advisable to try your drive for a while before you consider trying any hacked firmware that would void your warranty. I have been burning for about a year and I find no reason to use any other than the official firmware for my NEC. I would stick to -R discs.



TOTALLY agree with you chas0039-and for obvious reasons…:wink:



I also agree with the last two posts
Get to know how to use your burner first, before you start fooling around with un-official firmware.
If you purchased the OEM version you will need some burning software, a good program to get to know is NERO and a demo version is available here