Newbie here---is there any util that will copy enhanced cd's? (audio and CR-ROM)



Hey all, just got an HP 8210E and was trying to rip Beasties and Limp last night, with no success. Both discs contain data and audio, which CDRWIN (beta) and Easy-CD could not do.

Could it be my drive or the software that is not capable of dealing with multiple sessions? I have tried doing just a disc copy or just audio, but to no avail. (using the CD-ROM to read and CDR to burn) Should I do a disc copy reading from the HP and burning to it?



use nero to create a mixed mode cd,

first extract all audio to a dir on your hd, then burn it!!

it should work


Thanks, I’ll have to d/l nero and give it a burn!


Ya Nero mixed mode will work. I’ve used adaptec’s disc copy - that worked too. w/both I made a disk image first then copying and burning at slower speed AKA X2, or X4 rather than X6 …


i tried to copy Limp Bizkit, Significant Other, with Nero…and it doesnt work… it complains that the cd is multisession and it will not read it…

i then burnt it with Easy CD Duplicator…but then the tracks are all messed up, cause they skip too early…maybe cause its of all the negative tracks, but is there anyway besides using the .wav method?


Try to get your hand on winoncd_pro 3.6 (or so)
This wil probebly do the job, just copy as it is an audio cd.
Goodluck jahako


Where would I get both NERO and winoncd???


Superfly, try psxcopy, you can get it at:
Good Luck MF


I burn all my enhanced CD’s with CDRWIN. It’s just the best prog to burn those cd’s. Just check out the help file of CDRWIN.
If more people (AFTER reading the helpfile) have problems with this, just let me know and I’ll try to make a step-by-step instruction.


Hey, Kalamath,

Did you use CD Copier 3.5 I know that that
version does not support DAO-writing. Try
again using CD Copier 4.0. It DOES support

Who knows, maybe it’ll work…


Tha Sentinel


There is a difference between mixed mode and enhanced cd’s. The first one has a data track followed by audio trax, the enhanced cd’s first have audio trax, then a data track. If you want to copy limp bizkit (enhanced cd), use easy cd creator 4, select enhanced cd, then burn!


I didn’t even think to look for that in easy cd. Hmmm, shows ya I’m a newbie. I used NERO and extracted to .wav and then burned.


NTI CDMaker Pro also does enhanced cd’s
thats Audio then Data