Newbie Here. Can someone rate my 1650 mcc04 scan?



I burned this with the bcfc firmware on my dw1650 @ 12x with solidburn for known media on and wopc enabled. the media is 16x mcc04 verbatim. Should I RMA this drive or is this a good scan? thanks. also can someone point me to the direction of a tutorial to understand nero cd/dvd readings


That is considered as good quality and reliable scan.


Thumbs up.


Yes, that’s a nice scan.


You have a very good jitter (8,54 average).
The PIE errors will decrease after several burns with solidburn on.Thumbs up.

You can compare it to my burns here:


Why would you want to RMA such a good drive???
Don’t expect a much better burn with this media!!! MCC04 has never been a state of the art media. It is a good media "dot"
This scan is consistent!!!


its like my 6th burn, how much is too much for PI Error totals? When should I start worrying about that? What about PI Failure totals?


Wiki says:
“A PIE is a “Parity Inner Error”. This represents the error at the first stage (Parity Inner) of error correction. This is measured in SUM8 by the standards, and only applies to DVDs. A guideline to a good disc is that the peak PIE value should not exceed 280”.

PIF should not exceed 32 (If I remember right)


ok so in Nero cd/dvd speed, that would be referring to the MAXIMUM section not the total, correct? So in my scan case

PI Error Max: 15
PI Failure Max: 7

Right? Just want to confirm and thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

And the Jitter? should i look at the average or the maximum? What should it not exceed?


The maximum values can be a bit misleading, for example, on your scan, the Jitter maximum occurs right at the start of the disc and in my opinion can be ignored as the rest of the trace is pretty much flat. I often get a PIE spike right at the start of a scan, these I ignore.

If the maximum value for PIE/PIF/Jitter occurs later on or at the end of a scan, it’s probably worth taking notice of.

For Jitter, average value is more important. For the BenQ 1620:

Average - approx 10% is probably as high as I would accept.
Maximum - approx 12% is ok for me.

The values for the BenQ 1640/50/55 may be different as they seem to give lower values on the same discs when scanned.


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Are you sure about that?

In my (limited) experience with scanning on a 1620, my 1655 showed higher jitter than then 1620 with the same disc. The difference was 1.4% (10.6% on 1655 vs. 9.2% on 1620).

This is the opposite of your experience!

Maybe there is just this much variance between different drives, regardless of the drive model?

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I have been getting better scans with my 1650 BCFC, on MCC004 with default settings,(sb off for known, wopc on) and burning at 16X.
For some reason, with sb enabled, I couldn’t achieve as good of results, even after several burns.
At that point, I cleared the memory and used the default settings.
This is a scan with these settings, burnt at 16X, with Nero Burning Rom.
Media is Verbatim printable, MIT.


burn @ 16x with solidburn for known media off and wopc on looks better


@ conflate
Nice scan, but not quite a full disk burn, so you don’t have the typical PIE rise at the outer edge. Try burning a couple of full disks at default and see if you get better results than when you have sb enabled.
Also clear the eeprom of learned media before hand, it may help. Also shutting down anything running in the background while burning may give you improvement.

You can prevent displaying your movie title by going to FILE/OPTIONS/DISK QUALITY/, and unchecking show disk label


Yes, I am sure. Testing on the 1650 I have here with both BCHB and BCHC both show approx 1.4-5% lower Jitter. PIE/PIF values generally similar.

That is odd, my drives show the inverse of yours for this value :bigsmile:

Maybe others who own both a 1620 and other BenQ drive can see if this discrepancy occurs also for Jitter on their drives? :slight_smile: