Newbie Help?!

I posted results on that link, both of mines actually
One burned at 2.4x and one burned at 4x

Are those good results?
I tried following the sticky to know if they’re good results, but I’m like, not that intelligent, lol
So if anyone care to help and tell me how are both results?

For comparison’s sake, scans should be done at speed = 4, ECC = 8. You did speed=max, ECC=8.

Your 2.4 scan looks awesome!

Your 4x scan looks like there may be pixelation/skipping towards the end of the disc.

thanks :slight_smile:

same link

i posted the non max 4x one :smiley:

good results?

The 2.4x still looks great. The 4x looks like it “might” have problems near the end.

The only way to find out is to play the movie and see if it skips/pixelates near the end.