Newbie Help

The game consist of 2 CDs with CD2 as the RUN disk.

Step 1

I burned the CD2 using Alcohol 120% with the following options selected
a. RMPS - ON
b. DPM Precsion - Normal
c. Disc Type - SF 1/2/3
d. Max Read - MAX
e. Max Write - MAX

Step 2

I proceeded to install the game with the CDs that i have burned. After installing, as expected, SF requires you to reboot the computer.

Step 3

I then proceed to run SFN with the following options
a. Disable Node
b. Disable CD

I have even tried pulling the plugs on my CD ROM driver

Step 4

I then mounted the image with Daemon Tools 3.47 with this emulation option ON
a. RMPS - ON

I waited for around 2mins or so for the software to detect the disc…
It then prompt out an error message of : INVALID CD KEY…hmm
what have i done wrong to have encountered this problem??
Please Advise

Which game are you trying to copy?
Try scanning both CD’s with A-Ray scanner and tell us which protection it finds.

After scanning using A-Ray Scanner…

it is found that 2 files in CD1 is protected by st**Force.

Sgo5.dll - Version

after installation, the above mentioned 2 files are in the harddisk folder eg (C:\S**go5…). However, while CD2 is the play disk has no protection at all…hmm

After running a further Sector Scan on the 2 CDs, which resulted in a “No Protection Detected” found on both CDs…

I went through the internet and found an author bypassing SF with the below program

(He emphaise on using version 2 only although version 3 has been released)

The Below mentioned are his steps which i am trying to translate using altavista babel…lol

NOTE = This steps only applies on CD2

Step 1

Using Alcohol 120% [With option RMPS ON] to simulate the game and hit cancel when completed. Save the mds file.

Step 2

USing Slysoft CloneCD. Choose the Option “Copy CD” and CD Type as “Protected PC Game” and starts to make a copy of the CD.

Step 3

After writing, Check the CD capacity and run the CD on the DVD/CD ROM drive.
Using CPUKiller 2.0 o guard to about 15% and start the game…