Newbie: Help with settings for good Divx/Xvid encode!

mpeg sample 26mb

I’m a newbie getting into this Divx/etc. thing and trying to figure out which tools to use - Divx, Xvid, MP4, AVC, etc. :confused:
Right now, I’m pushing a short <30second test clip I have off my DVD through a bunch of these encoders to see what works the best, and then go with that.

Okay, geniuses out there - I need help! :bow:

The above is straight off my DVD, de-transcoded from the VOB. I’m pushing this file through Divx + VirtualDub, Dr. Divx, and other products that use Divx. (various versions, both 5.2.1 and 6.1.1, etc.)

Typically, I read that people get good results going with something lower in resolution, such as 512x288 that I’m testing, and kbps between 1000-2000.

Yet, I can’t! It’s maddening, and I’m trying everything from 1-pass to 2-pass, psych on/off, noise reduction on/off, resizing in Divx, resizing before Divx (in VDub, etc to various 480x, 512x, 640x…sizes), interlacing/deinterlacing, etc.,… and the output only looks terrible! (blocky, muddy, bad looking video even with Divx playback features turned on, eg. deblocking, etc.)

Am I reading somethiing wrong here? Even the ‘presets’ for Home Theater, etc. aren’t getting me anywhere close to nice quality in a small file size for my media tank at home. :sad: Settings for either Xvid or Divx are appreciated!


check or for guide how to backup DVD -> XviD (my personal choice) / DivX, i would recommend you autogordian knot (easy) or regular gordian knot

or if you have nero vision, try nero recode - produces superior output