Newbie help with Mp3 editting and FLAC


I have just joined the forum and have loads of questions! Sorry!! Not sure where I should be really, so anyone who can help I would greatly value there input.

  1. I have some home recorded MP3’s and want to edit them a bit. I need to make them sounded less distant, if that makes sense. Also want to level the volume of all of them and finally remove a bit off the start and make them the same volume thoughtout.
    Now the problem, I do suffer with bad blonde moments so need something idiot proof (ideally free too). Any suggestions on software/tools?

  2. I have a load of CD’s and thinking of getting ripping company to burn them for me (just easier) but is there any good software I can use to do the ones I get from now on, i.e. maintain my collection myself. I want to burn to FLAC for my music server and Mp3 for my player, also need to tag and assign artwork to them. Any suggestions, again idiot proof software would be nice.

  3. If i have poor quanlity mp3’s is there anything i can do to them? If i covert them to FLAC will they get worse?

There are more questions but got to start somewhere! I hope you will help and not think me to stupid!

Hope everyone is ok!



 Good blond proof audio conversion software would be Easy CD-DA extractor 10, $34.00.  It has a "audio processing" tab, which will help you trim the starting and ending points of your files.  Also under the "audio processing" tab is a Normalize feature.  This feature should keep the volume at a constant level.  

 Easy CD-DA Ex will Rip Audio CDs into all formats (MP3 and FLAC included.)  This program can also tag files in several different ways, ie: Artist, number, title or Title, number.  It also has a built in burner.  Not an inexpensive program, but it will do everything you need it to do.   

 Converting your CDs to FLAC is a great idea.  You'll get files half the size, and since FLAC is lossless, it won't really effect quality; however, converting from MP3 to FLAC will not improve quality.  It will just give you bigger files that still sound like MP3.  

 To improve poor quality MP3s you'll need: a high quality sound card, and two paid-for programs: "SRS audio Sandbox," and "Replay Music."  SRS is a software Sound Card emulator that compensates for MP3 audio quality loss.  Its great for listening to MP3s on the PC, really makes them come to life.  Anyway, you set-up SRS and stream your poor quality MP3s to "Replay Music", which will re-encode them.  Thats about the only thing I can think of to improve poor quality MP3s.      

 "Replay Music" and "Easy CD-DA Extractor" have similar features.  You should research which works best for you.  One way to improve MP3 quality in Post-Processing would be to buy Shure or Bose headphones for your MP3 player, again not an inexpensive option, but worth it if you are a true audiophile.  

 Don't forget that Post-Processing, ie: your cables, headphones, etc. are vital to getting good audio quality.  A sound card with Digital optical or Coaxial out-puts are best for audio.  Hope I could help!


Thank you, I will look into those programmes.

You can try Boncenc to recode your mp3 files it’s a free program it worked for me, you can use Audacity to improve the quality on your files its a bit fiddley but it works and it is also a freeby. You can thank the guys at CDFreaks they put me onto Boncenc last week.